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Echmoun Management facilitates the personal growth and human development of its clients by helping them address their need for harmony, meaning, well-being and wholesomeness. Individual and group sessions, gatherings, seminars, and travel programs are devised and offered to them in achieving these aspirations.

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Rony MECATTAF is an Executive and Life Coach, and a Gestalt-Therapy Practitioner. His unique approach in accompanying his clients draws equally on his:

Business experience
A 25-year international business experience as Electrical Engineer, Marketing Manager, Business Development Consultant and Fund Manager;

Training in Self-Growth and Therapy modalities
Extensive training and experience in Executive and Life Coaching, Gestalt-Therapy, NLP, Holotropic Breathwork®, and Systemic Approach; and

Spiritual journey
30+ years of travel, research, and practice in Buddhist Philosophy and Meditation, Yoga, Eastern Internal Martial Arts, Shamanic trance rituals, and Sufi tradition.

Rony holds several prestigious university degrees (M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University, MBA from INSEAD) and is certified in the modalities he utilizes (Coach training from CoachU; Gestalt-Practitioner from EPG; NLP and Systemic Approach from IFPNL, ACC credential from the ICF, ...). He works with international organizations as well as small entrepreneurial companies and individuals. Based between Beirut (Lebanon) and Paris (France), Rony travels extensively and also takes clients outside of his regular base.


Who is a typical client of Echmoun Management?

Echmoun Management's mission is to assist its clients in their human development effort, by using the appropriate approach and modality. Although we are often referred by existing clients, whose satisfaction level is high, the most important step is the initial personal interview where both parties can evaluate the degree of compatibility between the Personal Growth Catalyst and the prospective client. It is generally the case that a person who is willing to question him/herself, who is open to change, and who recognizes that development involves a certain degree of resilience (not coming for a "miracle cure") will greatly benefit from Echmoun Management's services.


ECHMOUN is the Phoenician god of healing. Associated with the Greek Aesculapius, this figure is mostly known through the Echmoun temple situated near the Lebanese southern city of Sidon. In any journey of self-growth, there is an indispensable first step of self-understanding and healing, and the archetype of Echmoun conveys superbly the role of the Catalyst that will help on this path of discovery and healing.

What is the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

Coaching is generally a goal-based engagement, whereby the client decides up-front the goals to be achieved with the help of a coach. It is usually limited in time, and the length of the engagement depends on the importance of the specific issues and goals. Therapy-based sessions are more open, in terms of time and subjects addressed. It is not unusual for the initial goal brought forth at the onset to evolve into a different one as the work unfolds and the therapeutic alliance develops. Therapy delves deeper into the psyche than coaching.

What is Gestalt-Therapy?

Gestalt-Therapy evolved in the mid 20th century as a form of psychotherapy versed in the here and now. It recognizes the fundamental importance of considering the organism as both mental and corporeal, and for our arising need-cycles to achieve a "natural" completion. It addresses the frustration resulting from those cycles not being completed (unachieved Gestalts). Tools developed by the founders of Gestalt-Therapy, such as the hot seat technique, have been borrowed by numerous modern-day techniques. In addition to individual therapy, Gestalt-Therapy is ideally suited for group work.

What is a Holistic approach to self-growth?

Holistic Personal Development involves considering the self in all its dimensions, i.e. the Mind, the Body and the Heart. Developing one and disregarding the others results in an imbalanced self, whereas a holistic view favors a three-pronged approach.


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The approach of Echmoun Management is one of art and craftsmanship. Ours is not an industrial view on the techniques of human “resources” management. Each client brings a unique set of characteristics, depending on personal history and the environment in which one has thrived. Honoring this uniqueness means that it is up to us – the service providers – to adapt to our client’s circumstances, in providing the best possible help for them to achieve their goals of making sense of their lives and self-improvement.

Accordingly, we put a lot of care in nurturing the relationship between the Personal Growth Catalyst and the Client, from the onset until the completion of the engagement, be it a short-term or a long-term one.

The first interview is an opportunity for both parties to meet and evaluate each other, to ask questions and to try to understand as much as possible how the other party functions and operates. The success of any Coaching, Personal Growth or Therapy engagement greatly depends on that first step, and on regularly re-visiting the quality of the relationship as it evolves.


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Having a clear view of where we stand, here and now, is the first step in any path of human development. The diagnostic involves our physical as well as our psychological state of being.

Tools abound in giving us this “instant photo” of who and where we are. Rather than be attached to one or the other, Echmoun Management favors adapting the modality used in the assessment phase to the specific client and the situation at hand. The use of psychometric tests (360-degree, personality, MBTI®, ...) may be warranted in certain cases. Whenever advisable, we solicit the help of auxiliary professions (health care professionals, psychological assessment providers, sports coaches, brief therapy, ...) to clarify the photo and assist us in our work.

Having – with the help of the client – assessed the present situation, we then turn our energy to goals and aspirations. We take the time to define them, to ensure that these are indeed the objectives the client wants, and also that the environment permits to achieve them. This is where we can advise the client on the best approach for the engagement: short-term coaching, therapy, group sessions, journeys of self-discovery, or a combination of these. Fine-tuning will allow goals to be re-visited and “rationalized” whenever necessary. During the course of the engagement, we set about devising together a set of actions that will lead the client to achieve his or her goals.


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One-to-one programs, focusing on personal issues and goals, are tailored to the client’s needs. The offer is flexible in that it can consist of bi-monthly (or monthly) 90-minute to half-day sessions. The engagement can be short-term – 6 to 9 months – for coaching programs, or medium to long-term for therapy-based programs.

Group coaching, or team building are devised to enhance group cohesion, design a group charter or facilitate the learning of management methods. They are tailored to the client organization’s specific needs.
Management training seminars are public seminars that bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds and work environments to learn and practice together certain management tools and approaches.
Personal development and therapy-based seminars are regularly scheduled gatherings (weekend or week-long) that focus on a specific topic or modality (e.g. for topics: Masculine/Feminine, Relationship, Grief, Addiction, Sexuality, Violence ; for modalities: Holotropic Breathwork®, Gestalt-Therapy, Yoga ...)

Regularly programmed traveling seminars, with a focus on self-growth are designed to combine the mind-opening effect of travel to places of historical or cultural import and group work. Destinations have included Lebanon, Turkey (Konya) and Peru (Amazon, the Sacred Valley, the Northern Coast). As of 2013, programs will also include Nepal, Chile and Argentina

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